Brilliant Tree of Life

Brilliant Tree of Life

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I once went to a medium and told her that every time I saw a rainbow, it reminded me of my Grandmother (she lived on Rainbow Ave and LOVED rainbows). I asked if when I saw them if Grandma had made them for me. Well... Grandma's reply was sassy like her soul, "Sweetie, I love you, but there is no way I can make a rainbow." She makes me laugh even in the afterlife. 

Rainbows exude brilliance. There's nothing like them and we are walking rainbows. Our chakras have color and so do our auras, so it's no wonder we're drawn to them. We hope you feel like the brilliant soul that you are when you're wearing this one.

Amethyst - A multipurpose stone, Amethyst takes negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy. This stone is connected to your third eye chakra

Citrine - This stone has varied uses, but one of the main ones is clearing energy and making way for abundance to flow into your life. Citrine connects to the solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras.

Aventurine - Said to be a lucky stone, Aventurine connects to the heart chakra. It envelopes the wearer with a sense of confidence and optimism.

Carnelian - This is a stone of joy and luck. The luck could be in many forms, but luck in friendships and love could be some of them. 

Coral - Inspires a positive outlook, as well as sacred self-awareness. Coming from the ocean, coral helps one flow with changes.

Lapis Lazuli - Strength, royalty, and wisdom are just a few of the vibrations for which this stone is known. Connecting to the throat chakra, this stone is great for when times call for deep communication.

Angel - You'll notice on the back side of the tree is a sweet angel.  Loving energy is infused into it from me to you. 

This listing is for one (1), Large, handmade Brilliant Tree of Life. All pendants are created individually which means there may be slight differences in tree shape than what is pictured. Each piece is made to order, so please allow 3-5 days for your order to be filled and the item to be shipped.