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**More of this material coming soon!**

The first time I saw this stone I was walking around different shops in Quartzsite, Arizona. I say shops, but really it was a dirt lot covered with tents and LOTS of different gems and minerals. Desert and nature meeting curiosity and wonder – Quartzsite is a quirky little town with a big personality.

Quartz is a multidimensional, multi-tasking tool. Because of its abundance, it’s sometimes not appreciated as much as it should be. Quartz contains every color of the rainbow and therefore resonates with and harmonizes all chakras. It has a memory and is able to store information. This makes it an effective tool in spiritual and metaphysical work.

The hematite inclusion not only gives it its red fire inside but also imbues it with the qualities of hematite and amplifies its properties. Hematite is a stone of protection and tells you that you are an absolute badass and can do anything.

About to ask for a raise and you’re nervous about it? Hematite.

Ending a relationship that no longer serves you and you’re going into a conversation about it? Hematite.

Psyching yourself up for a Zoom meeting that you need to lead? Hematite.

So if you’re looking for a stone to take with you into whatever battle you’re about to face, this pendant will bring strength, protection, alignment, and the extra boost you need to get the job done.

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