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Hi Crystal Lovers!

It’s taken me quite some time to finally come to this day, but I would love to be able to offer you a specially curated box of lovely gems for the month of April and beyond!

One of my favorite times of the week/month/year is when I get to my mailbox and I see that the crystals I have ordered have arrived and I know what they are going to be. To have a mystery box show up on my doorstep full of crystals that are coming to me at exactly the right time that I need them in my life? Yes, please! And this is what I would like to offer to you.

You will not know exactly what will be coming to you except that it will be special, beautiful, and high quality. It may include jewelry, it may include specimens, it may include tumbles, it may include all of them! I may also do collaborations with fellow women-owned shops from time to time. (If you’re a woman-owned shop and would like to collab, hit me up on the Contact Us page).

There will only be a limited number of curations each month and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

For April, the boxes will ship out the week of April 19th, 2021.

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