Amber Bee Necklace


Amber necklace made with copper, tiger’s eye, and tiger coral. The entire necklace is made by hand in the Coachella Valley near Palm Springs, CA.

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Calm protection – that’s the feeling that comes with this ~30 million year old amber bee from Chiapas, Mexico. Ethically sourced and carved, this bee has made quite the journey to be yours.

While amber isn’t technically considered a gemstone, it’s well-revered among the crystal and metaphysical community. It’s believed that amber is the pressurized resin left over from extinct trees and that it would course through splits and breaks of the tree – acting like a gooey bandaid. It’s no wonder then that amber’s metaphysical properties include protection and wisdom. Within the golden color of this beautiful bee you’ll also find some black specks. What are they? Preserved plant matter from dozens of millions of years ago! Bee lovers and tree lovers alike will feel at home with this little one adorning their body.

Tiger’s eye and tiger coral are found along the rest of the necklace. Tiger’s eye is well known for protection and even dates back to Roman times when soldiers wore engraved tiger’s eye into battle. In addition to protection, Tiger’s eye helps with supporting integrity and assists in accomplishing goals.

Tiger coral finishes this piece. Coral, also known for it’s protective and comforting qualities, reminds us that even when life is swirling around us, we can be still and calm amongst it.


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