When I was little, my Mom says I would gravitate to this box of rocks that my grandmother had at her house. I loved to take them out and play with them – each one so unique and beautiful! I would later continue this love of rock finding all over the neighborhood. We lived in the woods so it wasn’t filled with a ton of interesting ones (though thinking back on it, maybe I just didn’t know what they were – we didn’t have the internet then), but I still loved the ones that sparkled. Or the ones that had smooth shapes…or the ones that were pigmented enough to write in colors on other rocks. As I said… huge fan of rocks.

This would follow me all throughout my life. From meaningful days like my high school graduation when my Mom had my favorite stone from my grandmother’s house (amazonite) made into a pendant. Days that are just… well… regular days, spent combing over crystals at gem shows for hours (pre-COVID anyway).

Now I take the gems I find and find them new homes – either as they are or as jewelry. Some of them are even kept in my personal collection. I really love to connect with them, feel their energy, and literally just enjoy how pretty they are!

So if you enjoy crystals… learning about them, wearing them, having them… then you’re in the right place. Welcome to Sacred Ivy.

Sacred Ivy was founded in 2018 after what was intended to be a one-time hand-made a gift for a friend turned into several requests for more from others as said friend began wearing her Tree of Life necklace around town and getting bombarded with questions about where she bought such a cool and unique piece.

SacredIvy.com was launched a short-time later with a limited collection of unique, hand-crafted pieces and has since expanded to offer additional items such as bracelets, Christmas decorations, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sacred Ivy and please drop me a line if you have any questions or would like to chat.  I always love to hear from amazing people like you!

-Kristen Dolan